You'll get to know Blocks easilly ❤️

In an order form on
any e-shop:

• add “Blocks” before your name 💙
• enter your phone number
building address
• pay for your purchase online

Courier will then deliver the package
to Blocks with your phone number

Shortly after delivery, you will
receive a notification with PIN code
and you can pick up easilly in 2 clicks

Download the mobile app
for even better experience!

Scan this
QR code


App Store
Google Play

Or go to:
🚨 Cannot be used for cash on delivery and delivery to own hands

How to pick up a package?

On main Blocks screen select
“Pick up package” and then
enter PIN, which you received

In case you have our mobile app
you can just select “Scan”
a than scan QR code, which
was delivered to the app

Pickup a package from the box
which has opened and then close it

How to store or hand over a package?

On main Blocks screen select
“Deposit package” and then
enter recipient's phone number

Select the required size
of the box, insert the package
and then close it

Recipient will receive an SMS
notification with a code for pick-up
Too much info? Don't worry, Blocks interface will guide you through every step
💡 Do you need to hand things over to a colleague? Blocks will take care of that too